Meet Zoe Willim, Our December 2016 Model Of The Month

Say Hello to our December 2016 Model Of The Month, German beauty Zoe Willim.

The young Dusseldorf native got scouted at the age of 14 when a model agent contacted her parents. While she had no idea about modeling or the fashion industry, she was amazed by the idea of doing something extraordinary.

Vivid, honest and unstoppable, Willim is still very new to the fashion game but wise beyond her years. She considers unpredictability as the favorite aspect of her job. 'Every week, every month new opportunities come up and vanish again, which always keeps you busy and prepared. Once you get used to it, modeling is like a big adventure,' she tells us.

With a Non, je ne regrette rien approach to life, the green eyed beauty considers Sasha Luss her style icon, because she always looks cool, chic and cosy. 'I don't really have a favorite photographer, but I have great respect for everyone who has a recognizable style of shooting. In a era were everyone who owns a smartphone can take pictures, it is hard to set your self apart from the mass,' she says when asked who her favorite photographer is.

When she is not modelling, Willim loves spending time with loved ones and exploring cities which is evident from her Instagram photos. She considers Fashion as something that has empowered and inspired her - in a unexpected way. 'Seeing yourself in different cloth/ make-up/ rolls makes you realize how versatile you are. Nevertheless - when all the glamour is over you are still the same inside, which keeps you grounded,' she quips.

Check out Zoe's profile on FMD and read her full interview here.

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