Meet Daisy Boote, our November 2016 Model of the Month

Say Hello to our November 2016 Model Of The Month, British beauty Daisy Boote.

The 21-year-old native of Brighton never dreamed of becoming a model as she didn't believe she had what it takes. After getting scouted for a modelling competition called UK's Next Hot Model and winning, she got signed by her agency.

Mature and confident, she enlists traveling as the most exciting aspect about being a model. 'To be able to travel this much at this age is amazing, and meeting loads of new people throughout my journey! And of course I love seeing my face in shop windows etc. she tells us.

In addition to modelling, Daisy loves watching documentaries and is a very proud vegan, after deciding to be healthier to be for environmental and ethical reasons since February of this year after watching quite a few documentaries. With her pretty poise and brilliance, she considers Kate Moss her all time favorite model and Alasdair Mclellan as her favorite photographer.

Check out Daisy's profile on FMD and read her full interview here.