May Andersen\'s Management Deal

Anger management never looked so good. A Miami prosecutor agreed Tuesday to drop all charges against May Andersen--the former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model who was arrested in April after she allegedly took a swing at a flight attendant during a transatlantic trip--if the beauteous 24-year-old completes a six-hour anger management course.
Andersen was facing misdemeanor counts of assault, nonviolently resisting arrest and disorderly intoxication, charges she pleaded not guilty to in May. According to police, the Danish model was loud and disruptive during a Martinair flight from Amsterdam to Miami and, when authorities tried to arrest her, she continued to act "unruly." Andersen then spent the night in a women's detention center and was released on $3,000 bail the following day, after which she was escorted into federal immigration custody and put on the next flight back to the Netherlands.
"She has flown all around the world since she was discovered when she was 13 and has never been in trouble before," Andersen's lawyer, Robert Rosenblatt, told the Associated Press on Tuesday. "She has a slightly different version as to what happened than the airport people, but things are different since 9-11."
During the arraignment in May, Rosenblatt said that his client was sleeping on the plane when the flight attendant in question jerked Andersen's seat forward to prepare for landing.
"It startled her, and her hand flew up," Rosenblatt said. "She went back to sleep. Next thing she knows, the police are on the plane, taking her away."
Assistant State Attorney Carolyn Zegeer said that Andersen could undergo her anger management counseling either in New York, where she keeps an apartment, or in Copenhagen, where she has been living lately. Rosenblatt, however, told the Miami Herald that Andersen could complete the course in the city of her choice.
Well, Andersen is currently in Paris for a fashion show, so maybe she'll be learning how to calmly count to 10 in French.