Love is still in the air for Liz Hurley and Shane Warne

The proof is in the pudding as they say and here it is. Australian cricketer Shane Warne was waiting at Melbourne Airport to welcome his fiance Elizabeth Hurley home and the moment she walked into his arms, the electricity that crackled between them was there for everyone to see. And to take it one step further, Shane planted a fatherly kiss on Elizabeth’s son Damian just to cinch the fact that the boy is a part of his family too.

The couple have been an item since December 2010 and got engaged a year later. They are known for their very public displays of affection and have even been told to, “Get a room.” So who said this romance wouldn’t last? Well, we might have, since everyone knows that public and wanton displays of affection “does not a marriage make.” However, it is being rumored that they are about to take the next step and that is they are heading for matrimonial bliss sometime this year. The couple will celebrate the event on both sides of the globe, in England and in Australia and can finally take their displays of affection indoors where it belongs. As if they haven’t already.

Let’s hope this will be a marriage made in heaven as far as celebrity weddings go. We can only keep our fingers crossed.

T. J. Mueller