Laura Sophie Duenninger

Photo by Frantisek Markacz

Laura Sophie Duenninger is a young model originating from the southern part of Germany, but now living and working in Hamburg, one of the centers of German fashion modelling. Starting modelling in Bavaria when she was just 14 years old, Laura become known to a broader audience when she took part in the 10th cycle of Heidi Klum's TV-show "Germany's Next Topmodel". During the show she not only successfully reached the Top 10, but also showed her outstanding beauty and fashion modelling-abilities to millions of viewers on several occasions.

Far from being limited to the world of fashion modelling, she is active in various fields: Aside from the catwalk, Laura is not only on her way to the general qualification for university entrance, but also entered the world of sports by becoming part of the track and field-scene.

Although having a lot on her to-do-list, she still took the time to meet with us and talk about the beginnings of her career as a fashion-model, Germany's Next Topmodel and Japanese food.

How did you get started in the modeling business?
When I was 14 I had some shootings with amateur-photographs who I contacted. Following this, more and more photographers contacted me and I had more photoshoots. Then I took part in a casting for the Nuremberg-Fashion days that I won and subsequently was chosen to walk at the fashion days where I met Marcel Ostertag and other models who made pola-photographs of me and wanted to help me. Marcel Ostertag then presented me to an agency in Munich, which accepted me. Nonetheless I visited a few more agencies before GNTM.

How would you describe yourself as a model in three words?
Faithful to myself, open-minded, able to get enthusiastic

What is your favorite or most exciting aspect about being a model?
I love the runway. I love learning to feel good in my body and how to move. I love a better coenaesthesia, working on myself and then having a photoshoot. I love recognizing myself differently all the time.

When and how did you decide to take part in "Germany's Next Topmodel"?
The whole thing was extremely spontaneous. Everyone was talking about it and then the ad was shown on TV.

Did anything happen within the show that wasn't shown on TV but you wish it would have been shown?
Yes, hardly anything was shown. All day long several cameras are recording. Then a whole week gets cut into two hours. Also I was sure that some things got recorded and would be shown, proving I was right. But unfortunately it was cut out and nobody from the cutting-team "had seen the material".

Did you feel misrepresented somehow?
Of course. Neither did I lie nor am I that ambitious and would attack someone without a reason. Nor am I a crybaby who cries because of every little thing.

What was your favorite moment during the show?
Of course when Heidi fetched me from school. Back then everything was still a distant dream and then came this surprise which I didn't expect at all.

How did your career evolve after you finished GNTM?
The biggest influence was that I moved to Hamburg afterwards and was able to model here.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?
I love Sushi!!!

Would you share some of your future goals, your life motto, any words of wisdom that get you by in life and professional career?
The most important thing in the world is to understand that it is your own responsibility to be happy. Luck doesn't depend on anyone and it is one's own decision whether you let yourself get irritated and let bad mood come close to you.