Kate to escape drugs charges?

Supermodel Kate Moss is likely to evade criminal charges over her alleged cocaine-snorting session last year, as police have failed to find any witnesses. As reported, Moss came under fire in September when a British newspaper published images showing her consuming the drug in London's studio Metropolis.
Though enough evidence has been gathered against Moss to convict her, police are concerned the case will never come to court.
In the next 10 days, the Crown Prosecution Service will decide whether to press charges against her or not. A police source said: "It's a no-win situation. If she is prosecuted, people will say, 'Why pick on her and not the thousands of other drug users in London?' If she isn't prosecuted it is seen as a waste of money and proof that celebrities can get away with anything."
The police believe Moss was 'set up' by a music industry insider. It is rumoured that the Daily Mirror newspaper paid up to $300000 for the mobile phone footage, which broke the scandal.