Kate Moss tells all in new autobiography

Ever wanted to know all that is to know about supermodel Kate Moss? Her life, her loves, her wrong-doings and her rise to fame, well, here it is folks. Her new autobiography entitled, “Kate: The Kate Moss Book” lifts the lid on more than a few secrets about the lady who was labelled as the leader of the “heroin chic” look in 1993. However, the much sought-after model denies ever using the drug and had this to say about all the rumours surrounding her success in the fashion world. She told Daily Mirror: “If I was anorexic or if I was on heroin, maybe I would have been a bit more ‘oh dear! But I wasn’t any of those things that they were painting me out to be. It didn’t have anything to do with who I was at all, so I never really thought about it. I just thought, the people who know me know the truth.”

Johnny Depp, her boyfriend back then gave her a bit of advice that she has adhered to all these years. He told her to “never complain” and to “never explain.” Those words of wisdom have stood the test of time and Kate explains that by doing what he told her to do she has created a mysterious quality and aloofness about herself which works to her advantage.

There are things we do know about her. First, she loves partying hard and gets very little sleep but it never robs her of her beauty. Secondly, she has that certain quality that comes across well on the camera and she is rather unconventional in her ways but if you would like to know more about the model with the “waif-like” looks and one who somehow makes that “tired look” work to her advantage, then get a copy of her autobiography. You might just learn something about her that she has kept a secret all these years. If nothing else, it’s a good read anyway.

T. J. Mueller