Janice Dickinson frolics on a motorcycle for an anti-bullying campaign

The world’s self-proclaimed supermodel is at it again, in the news that is. Janice Dickinson showed off her fun side as she straddled a three-wheeled motorcycle for an anti-bullying campaign photo shoot in Los Angeles, California on Monday.
It was for a worthy cause since bullying is a major topic these days BUT perhaps Janice had a different idea in mind as she posed on the bike in a black dress with spaghetti dress and showed off more than she should have making it seem like a lingerie shoot than a anti-bullying campaign but that again is Janice for you, she has never adhered to the ‘less is more’ concept.
The motorcycle looked hot embellished with glittering silver studs and Janice? Well, let’s just say, she grinned, she showed and she made it an unforgettable photoshoot, the Janice Dickinson way!
What about the campaign? Right, we’re asking the same question. Enough said….
T. J. Mueller