Heidi Klum shares funny video in response to Donald Trump

Not too many fashion mannequins are able to boast having enjoyed a successful modeling career with a span of well over two decades (and counting), but Heidi Klum most certainly can - and rightfully so. And while there will always be a few individuals - such as Donald Trump - who will have a negative thing or two to say for one reason or another, the German ubermodel has proven that a good way to take a jab back at such comments is with nothing more and nothing less than a little bit of humor.

The forty two year old beauty, who has had her work schedule as a reality television host and judge quite busy at the moment with the juggling of the ongoing tenth season of America's Got Talent as well as the fourteenth season of Project Runway, took to social media the day after the United States presidential runner Donald Trump brought her name up during a recent interview for the New York Times this past weekend. At one point during the q and a session, which was published on Sunday (the sixteenth day of August), the sixty nine year old Republican candidate was asked about the rather misogynistic comments that he has been making about women as of late. "Sometimes I do go a little bit far," he came clean to Maureen Dowd, only to add - out of nowhere - a moment later that; "Heidi Klum … Sadly, she's no longer a 10."

According to the interview, Trump's current wife - the forty five year old former model from Slovenia, Melania Knauss - and his eldest daughter - the thirty three year old businesswoman Ivanka Trump (who was also a one time a model) - have told him they do not want him to come across as a woman hater as they do not see him that way. On the other hand, the real estate big shot ruled out the suggestion that he is a bully: "Oh, no, the opposite," he said when he was questioned if he thought of himself as one. "In fact, I'll go a step further. The way to do best with me is to be really nice to me."

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Getting back to the headline making American business mogul's remark about Klump, she of course opted to fire back at him in a playful and clever way on Monday (the seventeenth day of this month). The world class top model uploaded a short video clip to her official Intagram account, in which she is seen from an over the shoulder perspective, taking part in a photo shoot while donned in a cropped, plain white tee shirt with a number 10 pasted on it, as well as some skimpy black briefs. Striking subtle poses with her hands on her hips while her silky golden blonde locks are gently swept by the wind generated by a studio fan, the statuesque clothes horse's photo shoot is blatantly interrupted after a while by a man wearing a cut out mask of Donald Trump's face.

The make believe version of the controversial billionaire sneaks up behind the former Victoria's Secret Angel and goes on to snatch the tagged number 10 off her upper garment. A suprised Klum then lets out a mocking gasp and takes a look down at her shirt only to see a 9.99 displayed on it this time. The video, which is twelve seconds in duration, comes to an end as the witty head turner gives a nonchalant shrug of her shoulders and flashes her pearly white teeth for the camera and all - and especially her braggart detractor - to see. "#TrumpHasSpoken #sadly #9.99 #NoLongerA10 #IHadAGoodRun #donaldtrump #trumped #HeidiTrumpsTrump #BeautyIsInTheEyeOfTheBeheld," are the whimsical hashtags that Klum wrote alongside the mini clip she shared with her nearly two million Instagram followers.

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In case Donald Trump needed to get proved wrong even further, Klum pretty much did when she treated her numerous fans on social media with yet another video - albeit much more sultry that the previous one - the following day (Tuesday, the eighteenth day of August). For this occasion, the snip displays the five foot, ten inch tall charmer scantily clad in a fiery red Fench lace triangle brassier and matching panties - both featuring an itsy bitsy bow detail in pastel pink - taken from her very own line of exquisite lingerie. And who better than hazel eyed model turned fashion designer herself to showcase pieces from her most recent namesake offering?

With her enviably toned (and incredibly lengthy) lower limbs donned in a strappy set of crimson colored pumps with stiletto high heels which complemented her steamy look, Klum is seen in the advertisement campaign video flirtatiously playing with her aurelian tresses while kneeling on top of a grey couch. Much to Trump's dismay, the Bergisch Gladbach born bombshell most definitely does look like a perfect ten in the short clip for Heidi Klum Intimates as she pulls off a series of sexy poses and unquestionably leaves absolutely no doubt as to why she is still very much on top of her game.

The eye catching Gemini turned her hand to lingerie designing when she teamed up with the New Zealand based lingerie company that helped produce Elle Macpherson’s popular “The Body” range, as announced back in October of last year. After putting an end to the partnership with Macpherson which had lasted two and a half decades, Bendon Group signed up Klum to replace her fellow top model from Australia to work as the head designer of a lingerie brand of her own. "I have many companies that come to me, but I wanted to be with someone who was as big as them, as established as them, as successful as them," she said of her venture into designing intimates back when she was shooting the first campaign of her eponymous brand with the help of the noted British fashion photographer Rankin. "You know … twenty five years, that's quite an empire and that's quite an amazing business that Elle has created with Bendon."

Heidi Klum Intimates was officially launched on January of this year - first in Australia and subsequently in New Zealand. “I wanted to launch in Australia first because this is where it all began,” said the multi talented mother of four - who also threw in a menswear offering called HK Man - at the time when she set in to motion her numerous promotional launch events Down Under. “Elle had been doing the line for twenty five years and I was super excited that I was asked to take over the reins and march along with it and I’m excited to do that. Twenty five years is a huge success story."

“Elle has been a great partner to Bendon, however it’s time to take the brand to even greater heights, and Heidi is perfectly positioned to do just that,” Justin Davis Rice, the chief executive officer of Bendon Group, previously said of the transition from one world class Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl to another in a statement. It has been reported that the Auckland based company's fifty one year old ex partner Elle Macpherson will resume her own "The Body" lingerie line with a new team.

By Theo