Heidi Klum Sends Husband \'Fun\' Box

The day of all things love is fast approaching and couples everywhere are getting ready to get loved up, except for one celebrity couple.
Supermodel Heidi Klum and her husband Seal, will unfortunately be apart on the 14th February.
However, the romance between the pair will not be missed as Heidi, who will be filming for Project Runway in NYC will be sending him a “fun” box.
What's in the “fun” box? I hear you ask.
Talking to usmagazine.com, Heidi revealed what would be in the present for her husband:
“I'm making a very fun box of heart things. Kind of like an explosion of things: confetti hearts with cute underwear and chocolates. Its a fun surprise box for him.”
Ahhh how sweet... We were expecting something a little more naughty from the model though.
source: entertainmentwise.com