Have Kate Moss And Cara Delevingne Fallen Out?

Supermodel Kate Moss has reportedly fallen out with her so-called protegee and BFF Cara Delevingne.

The fashion icon is said to have been furious with the "Paper Town" actress and has even 'blacklisted' the 21 year old from her A-list group of supermodel friends. According to the British tabloids the fallout took place because of Cara's decision to leave Storm modeling agency (which reps them both) to pursue her acting career, as well as her alleged fight with Naomi Campbell in March.

"Kate has black-listed Cara now. It's very unfortunate and hopefully might be a temporary thing, but they're definitely not friends at the moment," a source told The Sun. "Kate is also unhappy with Cara about ditching Storm. Kate has remained loyal to Storm throughout her career and thought Cara should, too."

According to the report Moss felt that Delevigne must be grateful to Storm agency because it is where she started her modeling career and she apparently didn't like it when Delevigne left the agency to pursue her acting career. "It's not that Kate disagrees with Cara wanting to be a movie star - she was always incredibly supportive and positive about that - but she's annoyed with some of Cara's behaviour."

Reports from the Sun also indicated that Moss wasn't at all pleased with her treatment of mutual friend, Rihanna that reportedly went down at a Paris Fashion Week after party on March 8, when Naomi allegedly accused Cara of disrespecting Rihanna. "Kate wasn't happy with Cara's clash with Naomi and felt she should have treated her with more respect." the paper claims.

Earlier this year Moss & Delevingne who are huge fans of one another referred to themselves as "a lethal combination" and "partners in crime" having starred in ads for Burberry's new fragrance, My Burberry Eau de Toilette for the second time in a row while also being the faces of Mango in May. Given their frequent collaboration, mutual respect and admiration for one another it would be sad if things between both were to end the way it is. However from the looks of things at the moment Moss and Cara wont be co-starring anytime soon.

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