Eva Herzigova\'s Wonderbra billboard voted most iconic

A billboard featuring scantily-clad supermodel Eva Herzigova has been voted the most iconic advert image of all time.
The "Hello Boys" Wonderbra commercial has been named the "most iconic advert image of all time," My Daily UK repors.
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The Outdoor Media Centre polled tens of thousands of Britons and the majority dubbed the campaign the best of the best.
Herzigova's 1994 advertisement provoked controversy worldwide. MSNBC.com reported over-sized adverts of scantily-clad models caused male drivers to take their eyes off the road, often with disasterous consequences.
"A recent study found that the billboard ads do indeed distract drivers. One ad in particular was the Wonderbra ad featuring Eva Herzigova.
"Research released this week said one in five male drivers said their eyes were diverted from the road by posters of scantily clad women - such as model Eva Herzigova's famous adverts for Wonderbra which bore the tagline "Hello Boys."
"However only one in 10 women were put off by the sight of a semi-dressed male model."
The second most iconic ad was the Conservative Party's "Labour Isn't Working" campaign by advertising agency Saatchi and Saatch, which depicted a dole queue to highlight rising unemployment figures, and was seen as influential in Margaret Thatcher's Conservative Party victory in the 1979 General Election.
In third place was Lord Kitchener's army recruitment poster dating back to World War One. The immediate impact of the poster has seen it copied for almost a century since its first use in 1914.
source: dailytelegraph.com.au