Erin Wasson stars in Levis\' 501 Documentary

Erin Wasson appears in Levi's 501 documentary.

Celebrating 100 years of partnership with Cone Mills Denim in North Carolina, the denim brand presents the story of modern American history with the iconic 501 jean at the center. The film explores the lasting impact the Original 501 jean has had on cultural history.

Wasson 34, appears alongside other American musicians, artists and designers talking about their relationship with the denim fabric. The 17-minute, three-part film features interviews with pioneers and innovators like musician and journalist, Henry Rollins; artist John Baldessari; founder of The Sartorialist, Scott Schuman; co-founder of Partners & Spade, Andy Spade and many more.

The documentary will be shown in NYC, London, Buenos Aires and Caracas.

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