Doutzen Kroes speaks out about modeling

Victoria’s Secret angel, Doutzen Kroes has admitted to Page Six that, “If you put me in bad light with no hair and makeup, it’s not good,” and “I wake up sometimes like, this is not what I see when I look at the magazine, who is this visitor in the bathroom,” meaning that glossy magazines lie to their readers by presenting pictures of perfect models who are a result of airbrushing and photoshopping. Honest? Definitely.
However, the model’s gripe comes up short against the Instagram picture she posted this morning which shows an airbrushed version of Doutzen posing with a cute cat, a perfect picture if you ask us. The ongoing debate against too much photoshopping is not a new one. Gisele Bundchen voiced her concerns earlier this year when she said, “I feel like women should be really real and raw and it doesn’t really happen anymore. I love that feeling of, you know, we are women - we are so different. Our imperfections are what makes us unique and beautiful.” It’s easy when you’re Ms Bundchen who has genes that never give up on her, come rain or highwater but not everyone is as lucky as she is!
However, fellow model Erin Heatherton was quick to defend Photoshop saying: “We’re not selling reality, we’re selling a story. It’s all about creating this fantasy.”
Isn’t that the crux of the matter? The fantasy the models portray of perfect skin and bodies may be the outcome of airbrushing and photoshopping but there’s this ‘mere mortal’ population who is ready and willing to ‘fall for the fantasy’ and that folks is the honest truth.
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T. J. Mueller