Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka is all grown-up and wields her own magic

Blonde beauty Ivanka Trump has inherited her father Donald Trump’s business savvy and pulls her own weight in the executive boardroom and could give her famous father a run for the money when it comes down to wielding her business know-how.

The model turned designer and currently executive vice president of development and acquisitions at the Trump Organization is married to property heir and publisher Jared Kushner and is the mother of 10-month-old daughter Arabella Rose. But looking at her, you wouldn’t know it. She is tall, blonde, svelte, radiant and calm and like any celebrity or model worth her salt, has her body back to its pre-baby form in record time.

Ivanka who lives in a luxurious 10-room apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East Side recently opened up her home to Elle D?©cor and told the magazine: â€?I’m detailed to a fault. When we were moving into this apartment, and I was pregnant, I went a little nuts with the nesting instinct. For two months, I went around punch-listing every scratch on the floor, making sure each paint job was flawless. The painter practically lived with me.â€? But she says that motherhood changed her focus as to what’s important in life. â€?I had a baby and realized that everything that I’d done was going to hell very quickly. Yes, I’d gotten it perfect but now let the slow, gradual erosion begin. Needless to say, I have mellowed.â€? She also spoke to The Telegraph earlier this year about the changes in her life and had this to say. â€?I do know that I’m capable of loving something way more than I thought humanly possible. I’d love to have three more but I don’t know if that’s feasible.â€?

The model turned designer turned boardroom executive and now new mother was seen taking a well-deserved break on Saturday morning as she went for a stroll with daughter Arabella and later went for a jog with husband Jared. Dressed down in denims and a colorful cardigan or in cropped leggings and a t-shirt or to the nines in a designer ensemble, this is one lady who knows that it’s the little things in life that matter, like family, children, love and health.

Ivanka was honored with the Joseph Wharton Young Leadership Award at the Essex House Hotel in New York just this past week and she has released her fall shoe and bag collection at Nordstrom.

She does her famous father proud but she takes it one step further. She wields her clout with the �human touch� and that folks is a good thing.

T. J. Mueller