Daria Werbowy captures herself for Equipment\'s new selfie campaign

The lovely Daria Werbowy was recently enlisted to grace the latest advertisements for Equipment, and the Canadian supermodel proved she didn't need a photographer or stylists as she executed the campaign all by herself.

The thirty year-old beauty was responsible for shooting a series of self-portraits for the Autumn/Winter 2014 offering which were taken over a two-week period from the comfort of her home in Ireland. "I couldn’t really imagine doing it in a studio," Werbowy told Vogue Daily. "I went kind of mental and just kept shooting to get over the nerves of the whole process. It definitely brought up things for me emotionally."

Captured sitting on a windowsill, posing against a white wall, and out in the lush Irish countryside, Werbowy is seen showcasing the brand's creations and rocking a number of wigs she cut and styled herself. "I saw certain qualities about myself in the creative process and even some control issues I had," she continued. "I think it is more of a true representation of myself than people have ever seen before.”

Daria Werbowy for Equipment Fall 2014 from Equipment on Vimeo.

By Theo