Coco Rocha and Veronica Webb, New Stars of New York City Public Television Channel

Coco Rocha is a sought-after television host. After reporting on red-carpet fashion at the Grammys for Entertainment Tonight Canada, the 21-year-old Canadian model will sharpen her hosting skills this week when she hosts Fashion Week TV, a live-coverage broadcast of New York Fashion Week that will air on the public-television channel NYCtv Life.
Veronica Webb will also host the show, which will be produced by the same people who produce Project Runway and founded The first episode airs Friday at 12:30 p.m after Job Hunt: Why Would They Hire Me If They Can't Find Me on Google? Let it be noted that Coco and Veronica have 774,000 search results on Google combined, though that's probably not the reason they got the job.
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