Chrissy Teigen gets sprayed on!

Sports Illustrated model, Chrissy Teigen, takes the bull by the horns and shows the world how she gets that all-over tan by posting a picture of herself completely in the buff while getting an all-over spray tan by her make-up artist on her Instagram account. The caption that accompanies the shot reads, “If this doesn’t get me suspended I dunno what will #happy2000000.”

The model who is of Thai-Norwegian heritage did not flinch an inch as she is seen enjoying the spray bath as she grins and bears it. All for a good cause right? How else do you think they get the all-over golden glow?
Chrissie is known for her humour and she shares everything with her fans including her love of junk food, pictures of her funny faces and what’s happening in her private life. In a recent interview with New York magazine, she said, “I have four wedding dresses at this point and no location. They’re not here yet, but they will be. We were going to get married in Tennessee at a beautiful farm but we overhauled it. I can’t ever make-up my mind,” referring to her up-coming nuptials to singer John Legend. The couple have been engaged for over a year and the wedding is still up in the air.

Let’s hope she doesn’t change her mind about him…….but if she does she can go and get another all-over spray tan, that seems to keep her in high spirits. Have a great weekend.
T. J. Mueller