Beautiful Life for Elle Macpherson, Tara\'s Toni Collette
TWO of Australia's hottest exports have been out and about in California flogging their new TV projects, with Toni Collette appearing to promote her smash hit show The United States of Tara.
Elle Macpherson was also on the publicity trail for her upcoming US cable program The Beautiful Life in which she plays a modelling agency owner.Macpherson will portray Claudia, a former '80s supermodel who still stays in shape and is the tough but savvy owner of New York's Focus Models agency.
Doesn't sound like much of a stretch.
She joins the previously cast Mischa Barton, Sara Paxton and Ben Hollingsworth.
Let's hope Elle's latest acting gig fares better than past efforts.
The Body has famously bombed in her handful of acting tilts, most notably in Batman & Robin, If Lucy Fell and The Edge alongside Anthony Hopkins.
Toni Collette, meanwhile, is riding high on the success of United States of Tara which debuted here on the ABC last Wednesday night to an impressive 1.276 million viewers.
The show is already a season in on US television, with a second season set to air in early 2010.