Amber Valletta a drug dealer?

Model-turned-actress Amber Valletta and former Malcolm in the Middle star Frankie Muniz were spotted passing a large baggie of marijuana back and forth at the legendary Joe’s Stone Crab restaurant in sunny Miami Beach. But there’s no scandal here – the weed was fake and the two were just shooting a scene for the movie My Sexiest Year. (Also in the flick is Harvey Keitel, who has something in common with Amber: Both worked on projects in Toronto last summer and, just weeks apart, shot scenes on the same street near Queen’s Park. Keitel and Valletta even had their trailers set up in the exact same spot!) When it was time for lunch on the set, Amber refused to eat from the craft services buffet – which was good enough for Muniz – and demanded that a fresh turkey wrap be delivered to her. Fellow model Karolina Kurkova, who also appears in the 70s-set movie, wasn’t as much of a diva. She happily posed for pictures with the director’s parents and mingled with extras on the set, raving about how great they looked.