Alessandra Ambrosio tries out her snow bunny wings!

It wasn’t sunny Los Angeles and it wasn’t her native Brazil. This was something totally new for Victoria’s Secret angel, Alessandra Ambrosio. It was time to put on a sweet smile and brave the slopes, the snow-covered slopes that is. And that is what she did.
If you can’t ski or snowboard, the least you can do is look good falling down the slopes. New snow bunny Alessandra put on an eye-catching blue and white snow outfit, added goggles and a warm and cute hat and just the right touch of make-up and she was ready to tackle anything. But the snow slopes weren’t that forgiving. Luckily for her, help came in the form of snowboarding pro Danny Klass who showed her the ropes and very patiently, we might add. It took lots of falling on her pert and famous derriere before she got the hang of things but it was FUN and Alessandra had a smile plastered on her face throughout the grueling session.
She was in town for the Sundance Film Festival in Park City in Utah on Saturday and snowboarding, it seems was a way to whittle away the time. Main squeeze, Jamie Mazur was also there although he looked like an old pro as he watched his “angel” take the falls.
It was clear that Alessandra was out of her element there but then again that’s nothing. All she had to do was flash that sweet and sexy smile of hers, look a little forlorn and help was to be found EVERYWHERE. That’s the perk of being an “angel” folks. A tad envious. Just a little.
T. J. Mueller