Zara Introduces \'Ungendered\' clothing collection

Spanish clothing retailer Zara has joined the gender-fluid movement with its new 'Ungendered' collection.

The range of 16 minimalist pieces features unisex T-shirts, sweatshirts, jogging trousers and jeans in neutral colors priced below 40 euros. The ad campaign also features male and female models. 'Ungendered is a selection of curated silhouettes enhanced by the easy and comfortable approach to basics,' Zara said in a statement. Zara's site still offers separate sections for men and women, while the new 'ungendered' section has appeared recently.

Gender neutral fashion has been making headlines as of late with Jaden Smith, who became the new face of Louis Vuitton's women's wear collection, Zara's embrace of androgynous designs is a huge step forward for non-binary acceptance. However, the collection is already causing some controversy on Twitter with users criticizing the clothing on offer.

Take a look at some more images of the new campaign and sound off on twitter @fmd1_com using the hashtag #lovefmd.

zara ungendered collection -3

zara ungendered collection -2

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