Vivienne Westwood Is Now A Rapper

Dame Vivienne Westwood has casually become a rapper.

The iconic designer who has been synonymous with punk rock, provided a spoken-word intro to a new track by British rapper Mic Righteous from his upcoming album, Dreamland. Titled 'Be There' the song is about issues of climate change, austerity and the vast impacts of mainstream media upon our lives.

In the song, Westwood says: 'Intellectuals unite. Everybody's talking but only our map gives the complete picture. The ice is melting. Fracking releases tonnes of methane. Water is more precious than oil. Plastic kills the albatross.'

The collaboration between Westwood and Mic Righteous came about when Westwood attended a performance of his own spoken word poetry and casually mentioned she'd written her own verse. 'The amount of emotion put into her words you could feel it,' Mic Righteous told i-D. 'I wouldn't change the results for anything. It's an incredibly moving and captivating piece, very atmospheric. Hopefully it highlights the need to treat our planet with more respect.'

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