Viktor & Rolf spreads Light and Love with its optimistic Couture collection

Dutch designer duo Viktor & Rolf presented their Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2020/2021 collection on Wednesday.

Aptly titled 'Change' the new collection brilliantly captures the strange reality of our times in the face of a global health pandemic.

The collection is divided into three capsules known as 'mini wardrobes' each symbolizing a different state of mind and reflects the emotions we have all felt in recent months: Anxiety, Confusion, and Love. Each wardrobe comprises of three looks: a silk nightdress full of emojis, a dressing gown suited for the red carpet and a pink coat designed for social distancing.

In the first wardrobe, the intricate lace incrustations embody a rather somber mood: a feeling of sadness and anger, familiar to many these days. The second group of outfits features the polka dot motif of contradictory emojis that signal the conflicting emotions we all experience: confusion. The last three ensembles radiate love as depicted by the yellow lace in delicate satin and dozens of glittering heart.

'The world around us is changing rapidly. whether apocalypse or new spiritual era, you will continue to be able to step into the singular universe of Viktor & Rolf. We all deserve to be loved, regardless of age, color, gender, race, religion, or sexuality,' the design duo said of the new collection in a press release.

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