Tom Daley launches his own line of Knitting Kits

British diver Tom Daley has converted his hobby of knitting into a business by launching his own line of knitting kits.

Simply titled 'Made With Love by Tom Daley', the line comprises of knitting kits for a variety of projects, yarn, needles, and patterns as well as sweaters, blankets, Christmas stockings, accessories and even a pink flamingo named Elvis.

The knits are organised by level of difficulty from beginner to easy, intermediate and advanced while the yarn is made from merino wool from non-mulesed sheep as it is both biodegradable and renewable.

'Whether you're looking for a way to calm the mind or you want a new hobby, knitting offers something for everyone. My new knit kits are here to spark your creativity and are designed by yours truly with love,' the 27-year-old Olympic gold medalist said in an Instagram post.

At the Tokyo 2020 Olympics earlier this year, Daley made headlines when he was spotted knitting in the stands between events.

Priced between 40 USD and 170 USD, the 'Made With Love by Tom Daley' collection is available now.

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