The 2016 LVMH Prize semi-finalists have been announced

The LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers has just announced the semifinalists in the running for its 2016 prize.

A total of 23 global labels have been shortlisted as potential winners of the prestigious prize. This year, the semi-final pool includes its most diverse selection with a strong presence of designers from China, Japan and Malaysia. Other countries include USA, Canada, UK, Finland, Germany, France and Iran, among others.

'The presence in the selection of candidates from all around the world, each of them presenting their own unique and creative style, is making this third edition of the LVMH Prize very exciting,' Delphine Arnault, the director and vice president of Louis Vuitton who supervises the prize, told

The eight finalists will be announced on March 2 and 3 in Paris, during Paris fashion week. They will be selected by LVMH's panel of experts including Juergen Teller, and Patrick Demarchelier. The winner will be selected by a jury of LVMH designers, and Karl Lagerfeld, and will be announced at the Foundation Louis Vuitton in Paris on June 16.

See the full list of designers below and be sure to check back for the winner.

Aalto, by Tuomas Merikoski (Finnish, based in London)
Alex Mullins, by Alex Mullins (English, based in London)
Alyx, by Matthew Williams (American, based in New York)
Astrid Andersen by Astrid Andersen (Danish, based in Copenhagen)
Brandon Maxwell by Brandon Maxwell (American, based in New York)
Caitlin Price by Caitlin Price (English, based in London)
Cottweiler by Ben Cottrell and Matthew Dainty (English, based in London)
Facetasm by Hiromichi Ochiai (Japanese, based in Tokyo)
Feng Chen Wang by Fengchen Wang (Chinese, based in London)
Koche by Christelle Kocher (French, based in Paris)
Koike by Yuko Koike (Japanese, based in Tokyo)
Mannisto by Julia Monnisto (Finnish, based in Berlin)
Melitta Baumeister by Melitta Baumeister (German, based in New York)
Mikio Sakabe by Mikio Sakabe (Japanese, based in Tokyo)
Moto Guo by Moto Guo (Malay, based in Kuala Lumpur)
Ms Min by Min Liu (Chinese, based at Xiamen)
Soshi Otsuki by Soshi Otsuki (Japanese, based in Tokyo)
Vaqar by Shirin et Shiva Vaqar (Iranian, based in Tehran)
Vejas by Vejas Kruszewski (Canadian, based in Toronto)
Wales Bonner by Grace Wales Bonner (English, based in London)
Wanda Nylon by Johanna Senyk (French, based in Paris)
Xu Zhi by Xuzhi Chen (Chinese, based in London)
Y/Project by Glenn Martens (Belgian, based in Paris)

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