Sofia Sanchez de Betak and Mango team up for Summer collection

Sofia Sanchez de Betak and Mango have collaborated on a collection of irresistible dresses for Summer.

The New York based argentinian designer who is founder and artistic director behind her own label Chufy and the Spanish clothing label have had a long and successful collaboration on a series of creative projects over the years.

This time around the result is an impressive capsule titled Chufy x Mango which comprises of six beautiful summer dresses. Inspired by Mallorca, Spain, and her passion for traveling, the breezy and boho-themed summer dresses feature an exciting mix of relaxed silhouettes and unusual details such as frills, lace and textures.

From floral, geometric patterns to elegant, playful paisley motifs the pieces are effortless, lively and refreshing. Furthermore, they are made from sustainable materials such as organic cotton and recycled polyester.

'I love wearing dresses that I got in a different places. When I'm in the city, I treasure them as if they were souvenirs from that trip that take me back to that beautiful time when I was relaxed, without a schedule, with my family and friends. I close my eyes and the dress takes me there, just by wearing them,' de Betak said of the collection in a statement.

Priced between 80 and 119 euros the Chufy x Mango collection is available online now.

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