New Short Film Documents Chanel\'s Beginnings

Chanel's video series 'Inside Chanel' which it has been releasing via its microsite has unveiled its 17th short film.

Titled 'The Paradoxes of Chanel' the black and white clip uses various symbols and phrases to explore the French fashion brand's heritage and its inherent paradoxes over the years. The clip demonstrates the enchanting story of how Gabrielle Chanel leveraged style, material and feminine paradoxes that have contributed to the legend that Chanel is today.

'Inside Chanel' aims to educate consumers on the brand's illustrious heritage through a range of artful short films that extend beyond its apparel and accessories. The attributions in the films speak to Coco Chanel's character and documents the famous fashion house's journey including Gabrielle Chanel's upbringing and the introduction of Karl Lagerfeld to the brand.

Watch the full film on Chanel's official Youtube chanel or via its microsite.

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