Martin Margiela to Debut First Art Exhibition

Martin Margiela is making a comeback with an exhibition of never-before-seen sculptures, photos and installations.

Titled 'Martin Margiela, the monographic exhibition will mark the debut of the reclusive designer as an artist and will be held at Paris Lafayette Anticipations.

The exhibition which has been conceived as a total work of art, pursues Margiela's obsession with transformation. It brings together a vast collection of unpublished works, mostly produced on site in the Foundation's workshops, around themes that have always animated the artist; the passage of time, the disappearance, the chance, the mystery, the aura.

'This exhibition celebrates the idea that Martin Margiela has always been an artist, whose work has played out since, within and outside the art world. It also sustains the power of a gaze that has never ceased to question our perspectives on the world and to offer it new attention. [He] has always made us look at things with fresh eyes. Going against the grain, he cultivates an obsession for discreet people, abandoned objects and forgotten places and events, bestowing on them a new dignity,' a spokesperson for Lafayette Anticipations said in an official statement.

The exhibition Martin Margiela will be shown from April 25 to July 25, 2021 at the Lafayette Anticipations in Paris.

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