Zara launches self service checkouts

Zara has introduced some advanced in-store technology to help speed up the shopping experience. The Spanish retail chain launched the first self-service cash registers at key locations across Britain at the end of last week.

The roll out follows on the announcement which the brand made earlier this year, that it would include LCD screens, touch screens in the fitting rooms (so you can ask another size without having to take a step out of the fitting room) and self-scanners as a cash register.

The self-scanners are as simple and easy to use as the Zara app, and make shopping even more exciting. The machines are voiceless, touch screen and wireless. The touchscreen is very responsive, and you do not even have to scan all items separately. The self-service checkout checks the items in the virtual basket wirelessly when you are in front of the screen. You can easily remove items from your shopping cart as well.

At present, the machines are only for check out. Those seeking to return items, will have to visit the regular queue.

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