Vetements names Guram Gvasalia as its new creative director

Guram Gvasalia has been named creative director of Zurich-based fashion house Vetements.

The Georgian-born co-founder of the label has been the luxury streetwear brands' chief executive officer since its inception in 2014. He steps into the role which was earlier managed by his brother and co-founder, Demna Gvasalia, who stepped down to focus on his creative director role at Balenciaga in 2019.

'Vetements, since day one, is built on creativity. And I want to make sure that all the young people out there know-you do not need to have rich parents, you do not need an investor, you do not need to sell your soul to big evil corporations-you can make it on your own. You can change your life with your own creativity and passion,' Gvasalia said in a press release.

Guram will now handle both creative and the business side and debuted his first collection in his new role on November 25. The Fall/Winter 2022 collection of Vetements comprised of face masks, suits, baggy jeans, nipped-in coats and blazers.

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