Highlights From The Altaroma Fashion Week 2019

By Aurora Felice Tancer

The Altaroma Fashion Week 2019 took place between January 24 to 27, 2019, at the PratiBus district.

Known for breaking emerging talent, the event, which has members of the Fendi and Versace families on its board of directors, is an essential part of the Italian fashion calendar. It was attended by thousands of international journalists, buyers, and guests, eager to see the next big thing in fashion.

Themed multi-designer shows ran alongside individual catwalk presentations like those from Leo Studio Design, who did a comic themed, fun, colorful streetwear show. The retro-themed showcase "Get Back" from Accademia Koefia saw models strut down the catwalk in glam rock, 70s office chic and bold prints.

"Barocco Tropicale" from the Accademia Moda Maiani featured models drawing attention to environmental damage and the consequences of palm oil through rhinestone gas masks and golden palm leaf fashion accents. Furthermore, as a collaboration between the Accademia di Belle Arte di Roma and the Korean cultural institute, The Corea Project show was attended by the Korean ambassador. The crowd loved the unique depictions of Korean inspired fashion from streetwear to lingerie.

As part of the Fashion Digital Night, innovators from the world of wearable tech from as far afield as South America displayed their work. Some interesting brands were 3D printed jewelry from Shape Up Italy, mood lighting clubwear from Ceiborg techno textiles and JoJoss's Smart Jacket which incorporates an LED sensor. The Fashion Hub provided an ongoing display for these brands as well as a place to see 3D printing first hand by one of the event sponsors 3Ditaly.

In the showcase section, set against the Prati Bus District's industrial backdrop, up and coming "Made in Italy" brands presented a preview of their work for buyers and the press. Brand highlights from the showcase include Monica Campri beachwear with her diamante accented lizard in-and-out-of-the-pool swimsuit, Michele Chiocciolini's Velvet Deco heart handbag collection, LJDM work to hot date heels, and 011 eyewear's brightly colored Groove frames.

The next Altaroma Fashion Week event will take place in Summer 2019.

About the author: Aurora is a fashion futurist, and 3D apparel designer, who enthusiastically chronicles industry news and events.

Image via Aurora Felice Tancer

Editor's note: This article has been updated to include additional background and relevance.

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