Gucci opens its Ecole de l\'Amour

Gucci has opened its Ecole de l'Amour, an innovative education programme designed to perpetuate the skills associated with the house's artisanal craft and production.

The school offers courses such as Gucci ArtLab (Scuola dei Mestieri) with the aim to train young participants in the entire production process for leather goods. There is also the Factory School (Scuola di Fabbrica), a bi-monthly program at the Gucci factories and a Technical Academy, an internal program where technical skills are taught through intensive training of Gucci employees. The inspiring teachers of the three courses are specialized managers and artisans and managers in the company, who dedicate part of their time to educating, as well as retired former colleagues in the company who will transfer their knowledge.

'The heritage of Gucci is made up of people and their knowledge. Training is the most powerful method and tool we have to enhance our people and our products,' said Marco Bizzarri, President and CEO of Gucci. 'It is no coincidence that Ecole de l'Amour was born from the Gucci ArtLab, which is the perfect expression of the corporate culture that we are building and developing: a place that promotes learning and the development of skills, a laboratory of ideas, an environment where we work with passion; indeed, I should really say, where we work with love...'

Gucci's Ecole de l'Amour is one of the initiatives that form part of Gucci Equilibrium, the platform that supports its ten-year Culture of Purpose sustainability programme.

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