Frank Ocean launches his own luxury label

American singer Frank Ocean has launched his own luxury label.

Titled 'Homer' which represents 'carving history into stone', the long-rumored project has been described in a press release as an 'American luxury company'.

The brand's first collection comprises of an extensive range of fine and high jewelry and patterned silk scarves. The jewelry selection features 18K gold, recycled sterling silver, hand-painted enamel, and American lab-grown diamonds.

All of the pieces are handmade in Italy and have been designed in New York inspired by 'childhood obsessions,' and 'heritage as a fantasy' as evidenced by the vibrant colors and playful shapes of certain pieces. Prices range between 435 USD for an enamel plus-symbol pendant, to 1.9 million USD for a "sphere legs high jewelry necklace."

To accompany the launch of the brand a 160 page collection catalogue has been released. Ocean designed the cover himself while the imagery was designed by Tyrone Lebon a frequent collaborator of the stylish singer.

The first Homer collection is available to purchase from the labels' flagship store in New York City's jewelry district, located at 70-74 Bowery in New York City.

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