Cartier launches new High Jewelry line inspired by Nature

Parisian luxury brand Cartier has unveiled its latest collection of high jewelry inspired by water, flora, and fauna.

Titled [Sur]Naturel the new collection is a dialogue between the figuration and abstraction of nature and goes beyond what is real.

More natural than nature itself, the collection comprises of 5 exquisite necklaces: Hermis, Tillandsia, Sinope, Gharial, and Opheis as well as a charming wristwatch the Panthere Tropicale. All of the pieces are made of diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires, combined with opal and kunzite, coral, aquamarine, and beryl and quartz. Together they fuse wilderness with fantasy and guarantee the cohesion of the design and the comfort for the wearer.

Made with Cartier's renowned savoir-faire, the Hemis necklace features black opals of various shapes and sizes, kunzite, pink diamonds, and white diamonds totaling 71.08-carat. The Tillandsia has two oval-shaped green beryls totaling 163.97 carats posed at the center of the necklace. The Gharial is a platinum necklace that features 20 octagonal emeralds and brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 15.44 carats. The Sinope necklace contains brilliant-cut diamonds and a set of 5 oval-shaped sapphires from Madagascar totaling 39.22 carats. The serpentine Opheis features a 53.94 Zambian emerald as well as diamonds and onyx. Last but not least, Cartier's iconic bracelet the panther has been reimagined as the Panthere Tropicale wristwatch, composed of aquamarine, tourmaline, coral, diamonds, onyx, and gold.

According to Pierre Rainero, Cartier's director of image, style, and heritage, the idea behind the mesmerizing collection is to invoke the precious stones' evocative powers by infusing wilderness with fantasy. The line reflects how the French luxury goods conglomerate has always tried to push the boundaries and rethink jewelry for an ever-evolving future. The collection is well-timed for a period when the entire world was plunged into lockdown and offers a form of escapism through nature and imagination in these uncertain times.

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