Brand of the Week: Phine

Each week, we take the time to highlight our favorite Fashion brands. Last week, we profiled eco-sustainable lifestyle brand Haikure and this week we've decided to feature Phine.

The London based Swedish jewelry brand was founded by Swedish-born designer Elina Faurschou who swapped her hectic life as a corporate lawyer in New York, Hamburg, and Stockholm to become a jewelry designer specializing in minimalist Scandi-inspired styles made with environmentally-friendly materials.

Inspired by classic minimalistic Scandinavian design traditions her great-great-grandfather who worked as a silversmith for the Swedish Church, Faurschou set out to fill a void in the market creating fierce jewelry for any occasion using minimalistic Swedish design with an edgy London twist.

The brand's name is derived from a mixture of mathematical principle and gold, beauty, and geometric artistic form wherein the number 1.618 is known as PHI. All of Phine's products are handmade and sourced sustainably and produced by fair trade standards using only recycled sterling silver and fair trade gold.

Discover the empowering and fierce side of Phine at and check back next week to find out who our next 'Brand of the Week' is.

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