Arket launches its first Jewelry collection

H&M's fast-fashion disrupter subsidiary Arket has finally launched its first Jewelry collection.

Created in collaboration with Norwegian designer Zuzana Spustova, the unisex collection comprises of intuitive and thought-provoking, elegant necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. Transcending the categories of casual and evening wear the pieces can be worn in endless combinations to create a signature look - an elegant complement to the modern wardrobe, with a refined touch of sparkle.

Spustova was inspired by the works of Argentinian-Italian artist Lucio Fontana, a pioneer in exploring the three-dimensionality of paintings. She tried to to incorporate the three-dimensionality of Fontana's paintings in her designs to create pieces that is intuitive and conceptual, without making them less wearable.

'Zuzana has an irresistible, warm personality and an exciting creative portfolio. The way she uses jewellery to tie together a look is very inspiring, so we wanted to bring an element of that to Arket and invited her to design our first jewelery collection. We have been wanting to incorporate this concept into our assortment for a long time and we're very happy that we can finally offer these beautifully made pieces that work so well with the rest of the collection', said Anna Teurnell, Arket Head of Design.

Priced between 13 USD & 71 USD the Arket Jewelry collection is available now.

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