A Kind of Guise celebrates its 10th anniversary with a special collection

'A Kind of Guise' is celebrating its tenth anniversary with a special collection.

The Munich design collective known as AKOG for short was founded by Yasar Ceviker and Susi Streich in 2009 as part of a student project. Since then the label has established itself as one of the most successful brands in the German fashion world.

To memorialize its journey the brand started a new upcycling project that culminates with the release of "The Carpet Diary"- a collection of 11 carpets. Entirely made out of snippets and leftovers of more than 18 A Kind of Guise collections, the carpets comprise of all sorts of textiles from Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections such as thick wool blends to soft and thin silk fabrics weaved together.

The fabrics are sourced from Germany, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland, and are produced exclusively in Germany in a factory in Bavaria. The brand took the expertise of a small Bavarian family business, which uses looms of up-to 120 years of age and is renowned across borders for its carpet craftsmanship.

The carpet collection from A Kind of Guise is available now in sizes of small, medium and large.

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