Eddie Redmayne Covers the Final Issue of \'Details\' Magazine

Eddie Redmayne gets stylish for the final issue of Details magazine.

Lensed by photographer Paul Wetherell and styled by Dan May, Redmayne looks handsome as he sports the latest fashions from Gucci and Saint Laurent.

In his interview with the magazine, the 33-year-old British actor (who earlier this year won the Oscar for Best Actor), discussed his portrayal of the early 20th-century transgender pioneer Lili Elbe who in 1931 became the first person to undergo sex-reassignment surgery. In order to prepare for the role, Redmayne spent three years conducting hours of interviews with members of the trans community, and studying Man Into Woman, the seminal account of Elbe's life first published in 1933.

Redmayne revealed that before he started looking into Elbe's story, he wasn't as educated as he thought about the transgender community. 'I fell into all the cliches of ignorance,' he confesses. 'I didn't realize that gender and sexuality weren't related. I confused the terms transvestitism and transgender. But what's lovely is, the second you understand the difference, you see how gigantic it is and how important it is that we educate ourselves.'

Discussing his nude scene, Redmayne confessed, 'Any time you get naked in front of a crew, it's embarrassing. It's not as if we as actors have some way of becoming comfortable with it. It would be exactly like you getting naked in front of 30 people.'

Directed by Tom Hooper The Danish Girl will open in limited release in the US on Friday.

Check out more photos from Redmayne's shoot and head to Details.com to check out the full interview.







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