Guerlain collaborates with Philippe Ferrandis for new edition of Bouquet de\'la Mariee

LVMH owned Guerlain has collaborated with French jeweler Philippe Ferrandis on a new edition of its Bouquet de'la Mariee perfume.

A Symbol of protection and romanticism, the Bouquet de'la Mariee was created in 1853 to celebrate the wedding of Empress Eugenie to Napoleon III. For the new edition of the Bouquet de la Mariee Ferrandis was inspired by the wonders of nature and pairs Guerlain's iconic Bee Bottle with a delicate apple tree, gilded with 24-carat gold and adorned with 28 hand enameled flowers starred with sparkling crystals.

A tribute to nature and femininity, the flowers of the apple tree are not simply a decorative element for the bottle, but one of it can also be removed and worn as a brooch.

The fragrance housed in the Bee Bottle opens with a note of orange blossom, accompanied by a delicious sugared almond accord, in a cloud of white musk, vanilla, and incense notes. The iconic fragrance feels like a hymn to love, while the floral bouquet serves as an iconic lucky charm for a bride.

'I tried to imprint a very personal vision of love on this iconic object, thinking of it as a piece of jewelry,' said Ferrandis describing the creative process. Once the composition has been sketched out, each piece is handcrafted in Ferrandis' Parisian workshops. With the meticulous craftsmanship of a skilled goldsmith, the trunk, branches, and flowers of the tree are expertly formed from brass and hammered copper. Each flower is then adorned with 24-carat fine gold, enameled, and set with a stream of crystals and pearls.

This is not the first time that Guerlain and Ferrandis have collaborated. In April of this year he crafted an adornment for its Cherry Blossom 2024 Milleesime. Ferrandis is known for creations that reflect a perfect balance between sophistication and creative exploration for over thirty years. The multi-faceted jeweler is synonymous for telling stories through his pieces.

The Guerlain Bouquet de'la Mariee is a limited numbered collection of 53 pieces of 1.15L and is unavailable to buy for collectors only.

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