ISSUE ONE is an inspirational luxury fashion, beauty and Image making magazine for both men and women. ISSUE ONE provides an unrivalled environment for the fashion industry's most creative and respected photographers, stylists and writers. It is a unique format giving 12 photographers an uninterrupted 14 page story each, with the space to fully express, evolve and indulge their ideas.

ISSUE ONE provides a voice for fashion journalism, with articles from the industry's most powerful and respected fashion editors and writers.

ISSUE ONE is a celebration of the most creative and original brands and designers. The magazine is published quarterly, in large format, with 352 pages of both men and women fashion and beauty, representing an internationally recognized title which appeals globally.

ISSUE ONE MAGAZINE has a world wide distribution of 60 000 with an estimated readership of 24 0000.

For advertisers, ISSUE ONE MAGAZINE offers a unique environment, unavailable in other comparable titles; pioneering work with a distinctive edge of originality giving credibility to any brand associated with it.

Through ISSUE ONE'S groundbreaking fashion editorial and its world-exclusive Interviews, focusing on issues important to contemporary culture, ISSUE ONE MAGAZINE brings a truly independent and authentic product to an over-commodified and homogeneous media landscape.


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