The ideal medium to offer your product in a personal way.

Felicitas is part of Jonge Gezinnen and distributes the Pregnancy and Baby Gift Box among expectant and young mothers.

Pregnant! For parents-to-be a completely new and, if it is the first time, unknown period in their lives begins. A period involving all kinds of decisions and a lot of purchases. Consumers are eager to enter this new market and are fully open to offers and new products in this field.

Felicitas has had a strong position in this ‘point of market entry’ for 60 years. By means of the Pregnancy and Baby Gift Box Felicitas responds perfectly to the needs of the (expectant) mother. In this way this media type enables you, the advertiser, to offer your services and products to the consumer in a personal way. Exactly at the moment she is ready for it.

Over 80% of all pregnant women in the Netherlands register.

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