For eighteen years in the ‘Land of the Morning Calm’ Wooyoungmi has been imposing her vision of men’s fashion.

Born in 1959 this Korean designer has never felt like creating clothes neither for herself nor for her girlfriends. It’s definitely menswear that she prefers. In 1988 after studying fashion at Seoul University, she founded her company ‘Solid Corporation’ and immediately opened a menswear boutique under her name in the district of Apkujung.

Young Korean men feel at home with her elegant style mixed with personalized touches like traits of character. The retail stores multiply and the label is now leader in casualwear in the southern peninsula.

In 1997, the brand starts to export to Europe and the United States, there too the success grows rapidly. Step by step. And Wooyoungmi keeps her feet firmly planted on the ground. She just follows her work.

The wardrobe grows to include accessories and leather goods. The company now counts some forty-five employees. In July 2002, she shows for the first time in Paris. Next to the international labels and creators, her silhouettes stand out straight away as a breath of fresh air.

Her style more polished with each season. Guiding men towards a contemporary yet not complex look is definitely her objective. In April 2006, the Korean designer crosses a new milestone by opening her first boutique abroad in Paris.

At 44 rue Vieille du Temple in the Marais district, today there is a genuine Asian talent that’s coming into bloom.

The Look

Already the style is delicate. The color range plays on her nuances of mist, pastel and dusts, a welcome change from the eternal navy and black. And she delicately leaves her mark in her choice of materials and cuts along with textures that make you want to caress them. The garments are streamlined and enriched with details and styled finishes that re-invent the wardrobe for men without scaring them. Wooyoungmi is a seductress. Little room for fantasy in her collections, she is one of a rare breed of menswear creators who design clothes with respect, precision and determination. Each of her seasons emerge as a continuing romance with her hero ‘the contemporary man’. So delicately that the Wooyoungmi style never fails to seduce.

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