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Fashion Designer Wolfgang Joop is one of Germany's most recognized designers, and one with a unique signature. His last name, Joop, is a Dutch first name. Wolfgang Joop was born in Potsdam, Germany on November 18, 1944, close to the grounds of Sanssouci Palace. He is married to Karin Benatzky, and has two children – Jette Joop (fashion- jewellery designer) and Florentine Joop.

He started his career in 1970, when he took part at a fashion contest of the journal Constanze together with his wife Karin and managed to win the top three prizes. Because of this success he became a job as fashion editor at the women magazine “Neue Mode”. In 1971 he preferred to work independently and started working as a freelance journalist and designer. He reached his international breakthrough, when he showed his first fur collection under his own label in 1978.

In Spring/Sommer 1982 he presents his first Pret-a-porter women collection, followed by a Autumn/Winter men’s collection in 1985.

In 1981 the Joop Ready-to-wear line was added and in 1987 he added Joop Jeans. In 1990, the Joop luxury fur collection was introduced. He also has a wide range of Joop perfumes.

JOOP! GmbH is a solely licensed company. The first JOOP! fragrance as well as the first JOOP! men's and women's collection were launched in 1987. In 1988 JOOP! jeans made its market debut. Over the following years the product line was consistently enlarged and the JOOP! brand expanded with eyewear, shoes, accessories, leatherwear, body-and knitwear, both for men and women. The JOOP! fashion world was finally rounded off with the introduction of the licenses for hosiery, kids, time, socks and jewellery. The JOOP! GmbH presented its first home collection, JOOP! living at the 1999 Frankfurter Herbstmesse. Today, all partners collaborate closely with the designer Wolfgang Joop in order to ensure the consistent look and high quality for which JOOP! products are known. The JOOP! design studio as well as the management are located in Hamburg, Germany.

Wolfgang Joop is unceasingly in touch with international artists and photographers. His exchange and involvement with the latter, his curious outlook and the changing spirit of time are his sources of inspiration. JOOP! advertising campaigns reflect a unique and innovative signature.

the label

Joop is a fashion company. The company distributes fashion under the name “Joop” to selected fashion houses and runs also two own shops in Kampen/Sylt and Dusseldorf. Further Joop shops are in Ankara, Peking, Hangzhou, Istanbul, St. Peterburg and Tallin.

Franchisees of Joop are:

- Color Textil (bedclothes)

- Egana (watches, jewellery and bags)

- Falke (stockings)

- Huber Tricot (underwear)

- Lancaster (perfumes)

- Menrad (glasses)

- Steuler (flagging)

- Windsor (men’s fashion)

The company Joop was founded by the designer Wolfgang Joop and his co.partner Herbert Frommen. In 2003 it was taken over by a consortium by Strellson, Egana Goldpfeil and Coty.

In Germany there are 40 staff members employed at the company. In 2006 they realized a turnover of 250. Mio. Euro.

The Look

Today JOOP! stands for a modern attitude, eroticism and provocative style stemming from a wealth of ideas of its charismatic greater Wolfgang Joop.


1987 Joop (W)
1989 Joop Femme (W)
1989 Joop Homme (M)
1989 Joop, Le Bain (W)
1990 Berlin (W)
1990 Nuit d'Ete (W)
1992 Nightflight (M)
1995 All about Eve (W)
1997 What about Adam (M)
2000 Rococo (W)
2002 Rococo (M)
2003 Muse (W)
2004 All About Eve Summer (W)
2004 Jump (M)
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