Victoire de Castellane was born in a French royal family.

De Castellane is one of the fortunate ones who made her obsession her profession. She has been a jewelry fanatic since watching her grandmother, Sylvia Hennessy of Hennessy cognac fame, change her baubles to match her different outfits several times a day. By the time she was 11, de Castellane was sketching her jewelry designs and having them made at an atelier. She even melted down her catechism medals and turned them into trinkets.

The jewelry designer's fashion roots run deep - she is the niece of Gilles Dufour, Karl Lagerfeld's longtime assistant at Chanel, and she spent 14 years designing jewels chez Chanel - but her career is entirely talent based. And it is her playfulness that truly sets her apart.

De Castellane has been designing haute joaillerie for Christian Dior since their jewelry line was launched in 1998. And this fall, when Dior opens its fourth boutique at Place Vendome in the heart of Paris's formidable jewelry district, she will be taken even further in to the fold.

Her imaginative jewelry works are highly popular in the industry. According to Victoire de Castellane, her creativities comes from her own desires. She always thinks about what she wants and what she does not have. And the jewelry pieces take shapes in her mind when she thinking.

Until now, Victoire still imagines she was a princess wearing jewelry. And that is why her works are always full of fantastic touches of fairy tales. Her jewelry works have lots of inspirations sources such as nature world, children world, Hollywood movies, pass-by women fairy tales and many more.

Witty, flamboyant, sensual, de Castellane's pieces aren't just future heirlooms - they are today's couture conversation pieces.

The Look

Her bold, glamorous creations like the Roi Soleil -- a flaming starfish necklace of 3000 yellow and orange sapphires - have reinvigorated the conservative world of fine jewelry making. She artfully reinterprets Dior's romantic couture - its bows and ribbons, its houndstooth check and pastel hues - in the stone and metal vocabulary of haute jewelry. Yet at the same time, her creations have all the personality and whimsy of their maker. De Castellane bow-ties ribbons of diamonds and rubies into demure debutante necklaces; she turns emeralds, orange sapphires, diamonds and gold into a brooch of baby carrots; she conjures coral into a chunky ring of roses upon which has alighted a bumblebee.

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