Vernon Bruce Hoeksema can be described as successful businessman and yet designer. He grew up in both Europe and the United States, received education in architecture and started off in fashion as a model.

In 1984, he was recruited to join the world-renowned Italian fashion house of Valentino, where his positions included Executive Vice President of the International Group, President of the US Operations and President of the French Group during his 25-year tenure, helping with the design of accessories and acting as a liaison between the business and creative sides of the company. Bruce Hoeksema negotiated the sale of which for L211 million in 1998 and finally left after the transition of Valentino in the beginning of 2001. He was fully equipped and ready to start his dream collection of bags and jewelry.

He founded his own brand, VBH an Italian Luxury accessories house to fill a void in the luxury bag market at a time when everyone and their mothers (literally) were using the same bags.

V. Bruce Hoeksema became Creative Director of British luxury label Asprey International Limited since June 2010. He built a relationship with Asprey over the past few years before assignment through his consultancy work with the firm and he designed the label's iconic 1781 and Darcy bags. This was the first collaborative venture between the designer and the handbag company since he abandoned Valentino and launched his namesake luxury label. Mr. Hoeksema oversees all product design, interiors and creative.

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Michelle Obama, Gwyneth Paltrow

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