Tristan Webber was born in 1973 in England. His original ambition was to be a plastic surgeon. However, somehow he went into the design field nearest to that aim, the making of luxury leather garments.

He studied for six years at London's renowned fashion school Central St. Martin's where he completed both a first class honours degree and masters degree in fashion design. He also attended classes at the Cordwainer's College, specializing in many aspects of leather working and moulding, techniques which he continued to use throughout his work.

Then he started up his concern and showed his first collection in London in 1997, showing at the Cafe de Paris with a collection named "Genus Orchidaon Daemonix"

In 1999 and 2000, his collections have broadened beyond only leather creations, to garments made of other materials and has plans for a complete line of luxury dresses in all materials.

For Spring 2001 Webber viewed women as intergalactic warriors but for Fall 2001, he brought us back to earth. He showed a softer side by infusing orchids and flowers in structured and architectural designs.

The Spring 2002 collection shows this young designer rapidly gaining assurance. It was his best yet, adding an airy light to his modernist style. Delicate colours and prints made each dress totally contemporary, yet never unwearable. The collection is selling in Harrods of London and his capsule collection for Debenhams, is body hugging shapes and futuristic prints in high-tech fabrics. He is firmly on the path to success.

The Look

The focal point for Webber's work is luxury, particularly in leather. Although leather makes up the main part of his work, he also uses sharkskin, real fur, wool and rubber latex in his collections. His compositions are hard and soft, assertive yet fragile. His leather designs are inspired by muscle patterns and some of the more intricate pieces are embroidered with interpretations of muscle form. He says: "There is always a strong concept behind my work, but I don't expect everyone to get it. What I do is not disposable fashion, London needs more luxury goods, but modern and hard." Stripped of all conceptualism, however, Webber's clothes remain beautiful precision-cut luxurypieces.

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