Tina Kalivas lived in London for eight years, working within the Fashion and Film Industry. Primarily she worked for Alexander McQueen, where she was seamstress and Creative Pattern Cutter of showpieces and private orders. She gained skills of the highest caliber such as draping, tailoring, and endless couture techniques.

Parallel to her work in fashion, Tina was commissioned to design and construct costumes for the film industry; the contacts and knowledge for which Tina acquired working at the premiere costume house Angels and Bermans, and from studying Ladies Period Underwear at the London College of Fashion. Most notable of all Tina's film projects was the creative of eight couture evening gowns for a prominent scene in the James Bond Film, Die Another Day.

In May 2002, Tina relocated to Australia to launch her own label where all her technical experience translated into conceptual, ultra-modern unique feminine clothes. The blend of organic and futuristic references is the underlying inspiration for Tina Kalivas. Her fascination with evolution and beautiful life formations is reflected in her paneling, curvaceous seams, shaped tailoring, and structured but organic silhouettes.

Within the three-year existence of the label, Tina acquired side projects like designing an exclusive collection for Kookai Australia and was chosen as the uniform designer for the new luxury Sydney Hilton.

The Tina Kalivas label is currently sold at Blonde Venus and Husk in Queensland, Australia.

Tina showed her 7th collection, at Mercedes Australian Fashion Week in May 2005 where she created a collection inspired by androgynous themes resulting in ultra-modern, sporty, tailored pieces. Receiving phenomenal accolades from media and buyers alike, Tina?s unique design continues to shine at the forefront of cutting edge and individual fashion in Australia.

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