Stefano Canulli was born in Rome, Italy in 1959. After completing his studies in figurative art at the Roman Lyceum of Arts, he went on to study art history at the Academy of Fashion and Costume. He also attended various photography and cinema course in Rome.

At the age of 19, he began working as an assistant to costume designers for various Italian films, as well as major shows produced by the Italian television networks. He assisted in production of several shows put on by the fashions houses in Rome.

As a designer and illustrator, Canulli has collaborated with Piero Tosi and Mauro Pagano on opera and theatre projects. He has been the official illustrator to the couture house of Roberto Capucci, showing his beautiful evening gowns, one of which is shown here from 1985.

He has also done illustrations for promotions for the houses of Valentino and Bruno Piatelli.

He regularly contributes to Vanity magazine.

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