Born in Belo Horizonte, Ronaldo Fraga graduated in fashion from the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil. He then headed for post-graduate studies at Parsons School in New York and then on to Central Saint Martin’s in London, where he studied Millinery.

The Ronaldo Fraga label announced its’ arrival in 1996, with the creations that stepped onto the catwalk at Sao Paulo’s Phytoervas Fashion in the “I love chicken hearts” collection. With wit and daring, Fraga brought colour and fun as a counterpoint to the prevailing discrete elegance. The differences between the private and public worlds as depicted in prints on the clothes caused an immediate stir.

Having picked up the “Best Newcomer” award, his regular appearances at Phytoervas Fashion eventually opened the door to Sao Paulo Fashion Week, the biggest fashion event in South America. It was here that his “Who killed Zuzu Angel?” collection was nominated for the Abit Prize in the best womenswear category of 2002.

Fraga is now considered one of the most important names in the history of fashion in Brazil. He stays true to himself instead of being a slave to trends. He appreciates comfort and subtle sensuality instead of more obvious and clichéd eroticism. And above all, he has a unique way of telling moving and unusual stories through each collection.

Away from creating his collections, he teaches at universities, as well as leading workshops in which he uses fashion as the launch pad for discussing identity, creation and the means of stimulating the economy. He has designed the wardrobe for the music group Pato Fu, the production of “Santagustin” by the celebrated ballet company Grupo Corpo, as well as other shows by Projeto Sambalele, the social project of the Associaçao Corpo Cidadao, which helps children, teenagers and their families living in the favelas of Belo Horizonte.

The Look

Sewn with poetic lines, printed with a smile and put together with good music, Ronaldo Fraga’s clothes reflect his time. Looking to the past as a reference whilst always moving forward. His collections owe their existence to the research of an inquisitive mind, to his desire to express vast emotions, pertinent reflections, and to escape from the obvious, not only conceptually, so to speak. Fraga does not simply abandon his chosen subjects and themes at season’s end. They take on a new lease of life, away from fashion’s spotlight, sometimes as social projects, sometimes in the form of a book, an example being “Fashion, Clothes and Time – Drummond selected and illustrated by Ronaldo Fraga”.

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